Our mission is: “Development of Media and Media for Development.”

"Strengthening Media, Empowering People"

Why the media.

Billions of people suffer from what could be called ‘social poverty’ – the lack of access to information, education, or political power. This may lead to dependency and social exclusion, or a diminished capacity to participate in society or develop meaningful connections with other people. Media play a fundamental and nurturing role in building social wealth.

• Media can inform and educate people – equipping them with the tools to make informed decisions and improve their lives.

• Media can offer a platform for dialogue and debate, in which voices are heard, ideas exchanged and opinions formed.

• Media can support the creation of an environment for transparent and responsive governance in which accountability is promoted and corruption countered.

Media are therefore not just a channel through which messages are sent, but an essential part of civil society. For media to contribute positively to development in and of societies they should be rooted in society, reflect society and serve society. They should be part of a strong, vibrant and diverse media sector in which they have the freedom, independence and means to take up and fully realise their role. They should have the capacity to do so in a professional way, working from a thorough understanding of their rights and responsibilities and mastering the required professional skills and attitudes.

In addition, citizens and civil society organizations should have access to media, not only as consumers of news and information, but also as active contributors to the debate and dialogue, and as participants in the production of media content.


The Double Edge Radio Productions.

Basically The Double Edge Radio Productions has been working in the production Of Educative Radio Documentaries Series, Educative Radio Feature Series and  Radio Programs For Charitable Organizations, Businesses, NGOS, corporate audio narration, film narrations and spots advertisements for local businesses

Voice overs are what we do, providing voice over talent, recording, production, and casting services. We offer a wide range of services catering to the specific needs of our clients, including voice overs for: computer games, animation, dubbing, radio drama, pod casting, commercials, documentaries, audio books, websites, promos, industrials, multimedia, radio programming…Whatever type of voice overs you need!

All of our voices can be sent digitally, anywhere in the world, at broadcast quality. Voice overs have never been so easy; but the best part is the price.

Our voices are unique. We can sound young or middle aged as we provide a quick turn around for you ... no problem. We can be your one stop shop?




• Film
• Radio
• Television
• Animation
• Station IDs
• Infomercials
• Sweepers
• Imaging
• Promos
• Trailers
• Jingles
• Tags

• Promotional Video
• Training Programs
• Sales Presentations
• In-Flight Announcements
• Award Show Nominees / Winners
• Product Endorsement / Spokesperson
• Public Service Announcements
• Point of Sale Messaging
• Trade Show Exhibits
• Home Appliances
• In-Store Kiosks
• High Tech Toys


Voice Narration.

Refers to the way a story is told. First Person Voice Narration focalizes through the perspective of a single character. Third First Person Voice Narration is from the observation perspective. Documentary voice narration is not an easy task for the voice over talent. You must reflect mood and fact and your vocal delivery must set a pace and have authority. You must be believable and not sound like your reading a script.. It must flow out of you when speaking. This is one of the most difficult voiceover deliveries to achieve.

We offer a full radio commercial service and can organise everything from voice overs to script and even free delivery to the radio stations. Quick professional cost-effective are features companies keep coming back for.

Radio adverts.
Use your radio ad anywhere and everywhere with our full bank of voice talent that work at set rates.

Sound engineers.
An experienced engineer not only has more skill, but can also work faster. This saves time and money. Look for an engineer skilled in working with your type of product, such as a music album, song demo or commercials etc.

Past work.
Ask for a past project list, as well as references from past users with similar needs to your own. Check to see what they thought of the studio's work.
Finally, think about discussing your project with the recording studio and then settling on a project rate instead of an hourly one. Studios vary on how long they take to complete a job, and the lowest hourly rate may not actually be the best value.


Additional Voice Talent.

Perhaps you require a female voice, or an alternate male voice to fill a role or two. I can help. I mainly work with voice talent whom I've worked with before, so there are no surprises. Please keep in mind that the more voice talent you hire for your voice over project, the higher your rate will climb - this goes for any voice talent service.


• Audio Books
• Documentaries
• Medical Narration
• Website Audio
• Technical Narration
• Political Statements

• Elevator Messaging
• Financial Narration
• Museum Kiosks
• Lyrical Narration
• News Releases
• Audio Tours


Full Audio Production:

A high quality finished product can be sent to you via email or delivered on CD as required. We can help you with your distribution & duplication as well.




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