Swahili to English Translation.

Our Swahili to English translations are carried out by native English speakers with a tried and tested record of translating into Swahili.

Our transcribers and translators are professionals in their linguistic skills and expertise
If your target/source language(s) is not in the above list do let us know.

We are a production studio which has specialized in the production of educative radio documentaries series, radio features series and general voice over productions.


Voice Over Talents.
They are men, women and children who perform in a voice talent studio either in there home or a state of the art recording studio.


Script Writing & Editing.
Very often scripts are written by persons who have never sold anything in their life. Don't expect them to be able to write something that will convince your prospects to part with their money, or to make that phone call to enquire about your products. That takes skill and a mindset that knows how prospects think. You need a copy writer, not a script writer. Try us, you'll be glad you did.
Scripts and the finished recorded audio files can be sent electronically via the Internet either attached to an email or uploaded to an ftp site.
There's something we should mention at this point. Script changes on behalf of the client.

All the script approving and reviewing in the world cannot negate the fact that something at some point has to be changed - it happens all the time. We  won't bust your chops over a little change here and there, but if your script changes are extensive (usually over one minute of audio to be re-recorded) there can be additional fees involved.

Voice over Project and Script Consultation.
There's a lot more to adding voice talent to your project than you think. The script needs to be checked for "people speak" issues (in normal conversation we don't say "It is over there" we say "It's over there", etc
Basically, I look at your whole project and quickly point out the stuff you need to address before the recording process gets underway, to minimize mistakes and avoid cost over-runs....and, it's a free service.

Our policy of 12-24 hour project delivery has turned us into a preferable voice over service provider that can meet any deadline and with over a decade in the field our sound engineers are among the most experienced in voice over production.

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